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We are customer oriented & believe in building a relationship of trust with customers, thus capturing their loyalty through value and performance. Our goal is to develop and maintain long lasting relationship with our customers by providing outstanding services.

"We have made Excess Baggage the most respected. This has been achieved by giving friendly, courteous and top level service to our clients. We want our new customers to tell their friends how good our service is. The objective is to set high standards in all areas of our business. This will involve promptness and efficiency, and the total commitment of the whole "TEAM".

The reason for our success is the care we take - care for our customers' wishes and their possessions. That cares shows itself in a hundred ways during each relocation, from the quality of the specialist materials used to pack - all designed, chosen and tested to suit the goods - to the quality of the professionally trained, experienced and friendly staff.

Our commitment to quality and value for money is always there. Our commitment is to treat each customer and their possessions with the highest level of care that we can.

Do not overload individual items. Use our recommended packing cases for large or fragile objects such as computers, televisions. Pack delicate objects in the center of the carton and surround with soft or protective material. Bikes packed into our specially designed cartons, must have the front wheel and pedals removed and the handlebars turned 90 degrees. Glassware, china, crockery and crystal will be individually wrapped in paper and bubble wrap before being packed in cartons. In a recent survey, our cartons were found to be the strongest offered by a selection of removal companies. Delicate or fragile items e.g. large mirrors, statues or ornaments can be packed in to our custom built wooden crates to ensure the safe arrival of such items.
We are having experts in Household packing :

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